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매니토바 주 판매세(RST - Retail Sales Tax, 또는 PST - Provincial Sales Tax) 부과에 대하여

글쓴이 : 푸른하늘 날짜 : 2017-11-07 (화) 17:16 조회 : 1,815
캐나다에서 사업(장사)를 하려면, 캐나다 연방정부에 내는 GST(Goods and Services Tax)와 주정부에 내는 PST(Provincial Sales Tax)를 등록해야 하고, 사업을 시작하면 판매하는 물품 또는 서비스들에 세금을 함께 부과하여 모아두었다가 소비자들을 대신하여 연방정부와 주정부에 세금을 납부해야 합니다.

대부분의 상품, 서비스들에는 GST(Goods and Services Tax) 5% 와 각 주마다 다른 비율의 PST(Provincial Sales Tax)가 함께 부과됩니다. 매니토바주의 주 판매세(PST)인 소매 판매세(RST - Retail Sales Tax)는 8%입니다.

소매 판매세(RST)는 상품들, 서비스들에 보통 부과되는데, 부과에 예외인 경우가 있습니다. 

예를 들어, 과일, 야채, 고기(육류, 어류, 조류), 아침 시리얼(breakfast cereals), 일부 우유제품(dairy products) 등 기본 식료품 상품들(basic grocery products)에는 세금을 면제해 주고 있습니다. 또한 머리 커팅(단발), 건축(리노베이션)의 기술자 노임, 온라인 광고(TV/비디오) 등에는 PST가 붙지 않습니다.

사업(장사)를 시작할 때 매니토바주의 주 판매세(Retail Sales Tax)를 붙여 물건 또는 서비스를 팔아야 하는지 아닌지 잘 모를 때는 아래 주정부 사이트의 목록을 참고하시면 도움이 될 것 같습니다.


Taxation Division 

Manitoba Tax Publications

Retail Sales Tax

001 November 2013 Clothing, Footwear and Accessories 
002 June 2015 Drugs, Medical Equipment and Supplies
003 November 2014 Lawn and Garden Supplies
004 June 2017 Information for Vendors
005 October  2016 Information for Contractors
006 May 2003 Sales to Non-Residents of Manitoba
007 May 1996 Dentists, Denturists and Dental Laboratories
008 June 2005 Installation, Repairs and Improvements To Real Property
009 October 2016 Sound, Lighting and Audio-Visual Services
010 February 2003 Bed & Breakfast Operations
011 December 2010 Restoration Services
012 November 2014 Motor Vehicle and Trailer Dealers
013 July 2013 Off-Road Vehicles and Boat Dealers
014 July 2013 Goods and Services Purchased from Out-of-Province Suppliers
015 August 2015 Printing, Desktop Publishing and Related Services
016 July 2005 Record Keeping and Retention Requirements
017 April 2000 Launderers and Dry Cleaners
018 July 2013 Farm-Use Equipment and Other Items
019 June 2015 Municipalities, Municipal Governments and Local Government Districts
020 July 2013 Grain Elevators
021 March 2003 Granaries and Farm Storage Buildings
022 July 2013 Sales to Beekeepers
023 July 2012 Service, Maintenance and Warranty Contracts
024 July 2013 Charitable & Non-Profit Organization Fund Raising Activities
025 July 2013 Aircraft Used for Rental and Other Purposes
026 July 2013 Aircraft Purchased for Private Use
November 2014
Aircraft Purchased for Commercial Use
028 July 2013 Discounts, Coupons and Cash Rebates
029 June 2014 Food and Beverages
030 October 2016 Summary of Taxable And Exempt Goods and Services
031 July 2013 Mechanical and Electrical Trades
032 May 2000 Web Site Services and Internet Services
033 July 2001 Computer Software and Programming Services 
034 December 2010 Optometrists and Opticians
035 July 2013 Advertising Materials and Services
036 July 2014 Pet Stores, Kennel Operators & Pet Service Providers
037 July 2013 Promotional Distributor
038 July 2013 Sand, Gravel, Concrete and Asphalt
039 June 2015 Film, Video, and Audio Productions
040 July 2013 Hunting and Fishing Lodges and Outfitters
041 October 2016 Funeral Homes and Monument Dealers
042 September 2008 Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Trusts
043 June 2008 Precious Metals, Coins, Tokens and Bank Notes
044 November 2014 Information for Interjurisdictional Motor Carriers
045 July 2013 Oil Producers, Oil Well Drilling and Service Contractors
046 November 2014 Sales to Interjurisdictional Motor Carriers
047 June 1989 Artificial Insemination Industry
048 July 2013 Rental of Machinery and Equipment
050 July 2016 Exemption on Used Furniture
051 June 1989 Sales to Fish Farmers
052 July 2013 Tree Nursery and Greenhouse Operations
053 July 2013 Mobile, Modular, and Ready-to-Move Homes
054 October 2016 Privately Purchased Vehicles
055 June 2013 Baby Supplies
056 July 2013 Legal Services
057 July 2013 Accounting Services
058 July 2013 Engineering Design Services
059 July 2013 Security and Private Investigation Services
060 July 2013 Architectural Design Services
061 June 2017 Insurance
062 July 2014 Personal Services
105 March 2005 Taxation Changes - 2005 Budget
106 March 2006 Taxation Changes - 2006 Budget
107 April 2007 Taxation Changes - 2007 Budget
108 April 2008 Taxation Changes - 2008 Budget
109 March 2009 Taxation Changes - 2009 Budget
110 March 2010 Taxation Changes - 2010 Budget
111 April 2011 Taxation Changes - 2011 Budget
112 April 2012 Taxation Changes - 2012 Budget
113 April 2013 Taxation Changes - 2013 Budget
114 March 2014 Taxation Changes - 2014 Budget 
115 April 2015 Taxation Changes - 2015 Budget 
116 May 2016 Taxation Changes - 2016 Budget
117 April 2017 Taxation Changes - 2017 Budget
17-01 February 2017 Asbestos Removal Services
16-04 August 2016 Sales Tax Exemption for Status Indians and Indian Bands
16-03 August 2016 Sales by Businesses Located on a Reserve
16-02 June 2011 Exempt Sales to Status Indians- Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document
16-01 June 2016 Tax Filing In the Event of a Mail Strike
15-02 December 2015 Information for Paper Return Filers
15-01 June 2016 Registration Requirement Eliminated for Small Business
14-01 February 2014 Important Retail Sales Tax Tips
13-09 July 2013 Sales of Propane in Portable Cylinders
13-08 June 2013 2013 Budget - Rate Change
13-07 June 2014 Businesses Impacted by Flooding
13-06 April 2013 Bicycle Helmets, Child Seats and Trailers
13-05 July 2013 Retail Sales Tax Rate Change - Transitional Rules
13-04 April 2013 Prorate Vehicle Tax Rates
13-03 February 2014 New Vendor Calls
13-02 July 2013 Fairs, Exhibitions and Trade Shows
13-01 February 2013 Phasing Out the Penny
Notice August 2012 Extra-Provincial Vendors of Taxable Insurance Contracts
Notice July 2012 Travel Agencies Selling Taxable Insurance Contracts
Notice April 2011 Biomass Materials
Notice March 2009 Exemption for Educational Workbooks
Notice March 2005 Notice to Magazine Publishers
Notice May 2004 Alarm Systems-Sale/Installation/Maintenance and Monitoring Services
Pamphlet September 2015 Do I Need To Register?  Retail Sales Tax, Health and Post Secondary Education Tax Levy, Tobacco Tax, Fuel Tax

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Health and Post Secondary Education Tax Levy

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Mining Tax

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Fuel Tax

IFTA-001 November 2016 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
IFTA-002 November 2016 Leased Operations Under International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
15-03 December 2015 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Roadside Enforcement
15-02 April 2015 International Passenger Flights
15-01 December 2016 Fuel Tax Exemption for the Forestry Industry
14-01 November 2014 Fuel Tax Exemption for Status Indians and Indian Bands
13-01 October 2013 Fuel Tax Allowances
Notice April 2012 Fuel Tax Rate Changes
Notice April 2011 Registration Requirements Under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
Notice April 2011 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal Placement Guide
Notice April 2011 Fuel Dye Concentrate
Notice April 2011 Cargo Flights
Notice April 2011 Dispensing of Marked Fuel Through Commercial Cardlock Facilities
Pamphlet September 2015 Do I Need To Register?  Retail Sales Tax, Health and Post Secondary Education Tax Levy, Tobacco Tax, Fuel Tax

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Tax Administration and Miscellaneous Taxes - Part I

TAMTA- 001 November 2014 Taxation Division Audits
TAMTA-002 October 2010 Bulk Sales-Buying and Selling Business Assets

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Tobacco Tax

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지금 일본이 한국의 강제징용 판결을 이유로 수출 규제 등 경제보복을 가하기 시작했고, 한국에서는 일본으로의 여행 자제, 일본 제품 불매 등 반일 활동이 시작되고 있습니다. 우리가 …
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항공 업계와 소비자 대변자들(consumer advocates)의 반발을 불러온 캐나다 교통청(the Canada Transportation Agency, 이하 CTA)의 규정이 발효됨에 따라 항공사 승객들(airline passengers)은 오늘부터 새로운 …
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만약 여러분이 곰과 마주친다면, 매니토바 주정부에서는 다음 몇 가지 요령을 추천합니다.  - 멈추고 진정하고(조용히 있고) 상황을 판단합니다. - 추격 반응(a chase response)을 유도할 …
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예전에 방문했던 딸기(strawberries) 농장에서 지난주에 지난 토요일부터 딸기 수확을 시작한다고 이메일로 알려 왔습니다. 아직 본격적으로 출하될 정도로 익은 딸기가 많지 않지만 시간이 …
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아시니보인 공원(Assiniboine Park)에서 2019년 6월, 7월, 8월에 있는 야외 행사 일정에 대해 알려드립니다.  공연에는 오케스트라,  재즈, 요가, 발레,  미술 전시 등이 포함되어 있습…
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위니펙 시의 아시니보인 공원(Assiniboine Park)은 매년 8월 한 달 동안 금요일 저녁마다 아시니보인 공원(Assiniboine Park)의 리릭 잔디밭(Lyric Lawn)에서 다시 한번 영화 상영과 함께 무료로 가족 오…
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세계에서 가터 얼룩뱀(red-sided garter snakes, 독이 없는 줄무늬 뱀)이 가장 많이 모여있는 곳으로 알려진 매니토바주의 나르시스 뱀굴(Narcisse Snake Dens)을 구경하려는 분들은 이번 빅토리아…
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조디 윈더(Jody Winder)는 2017년 온화한 가을날에 온타리오주의 밀톤(Milton)에서 심부름(an errand)을 하고 차로 돌아갔습니다. 그녀는 새로운 BMW X5의 파노라마 선루프(panoramic sunroof)에서 구멍을…
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방금 일어났는데요;; 온디멘드코리아 접속 했는데 유료 / PREMIUM 회원만 시청 가능하다고 뜨네요.  후.   결국에는 $10.99래서 결제 했네요. 저는 연간 끊어서 할인도 받았어요. …
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웹하드 사이트 다들 많이 써보셨을거라 생각합니다. 특히 요즘에는 볼만한 드라마와 영화가 아주 많잖아요?? 그런데 최근에 웹하드 사이트 사용하면 벌금 물 수도 있다고 하는 뉴스를 보…
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Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.
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